Flores de Laguna — Beauty and Magic of Enchanted Kingdom

Love for fashion and fun? Enchanted Kingdom held its annual parade of beauty and magic dubbed as Flores de Laguna last May 30, 2015. This affair, traditionally known as Flores de Mayo, will feature Laguna’s most promising designers and lovely ladies in a Santacruzan parade around the park.

Enchanted Kingdom supports Laguna province in its enormous tourism advocacies as a premiere tourist destination and highlights various beauty and talents of its local towns. Flores de Laguna demonstrated the original and world-class masterpiece of Laguna’s couturier. The elegant designs were worn by most beautiful natives of Laguna to further foster and escalate the totality of the works of the local designers. The occasion cultivated the rich cultural tradition of the Philippines by showcasing different arts and crafts indigenous to the town that each designer represents.

Park guests enjoyed seeing the colorful and fascinating Santacruzan parade uniquely adapted from the Filipino tradition.

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